Laserdisc Cleaner, Mitt & Cover Cleaning Attachment

Laserdisc Cleaner, Mitt & Cover Cleaning Attachment
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    Disc Cleaner, Mitt and Cover Cleaner Attachment
    for Laserdiscs!!!!
    This is what takes all the finger prints, popcorn grease and who knows what that mystery goo is off your laserdiscs. I use a microfiber mitt.  Spray a small amount on your disc and rub till it dries in seconds. I've cleaned 100,000 laserdiscs and I have found nothing better. But, hold on!!! It cleans your covers too!!!! Again, spray a small amount on the cover and wipe with a microfiber cloth or pad and wallah!!! All those greasy finger prints and smoky films are gone. Even takes out the stink from cigarette smoke.

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