Man Soap for Working Man's Hands - Hang Man - (Warning - Not for Women!!!)

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Man Soap for Working Man's Hands - Hang Man - (Warning - Not for Women!!!)
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  • Very Cooool StuffFromDuffsmart!!!

    Man Soap
    Hombre Jabon

    Here's Hang Man!!!
    Man Soap on a rope

    If you are a working man and out on the job, you need
    what it takes to get those hands clean before
    you get home to supper!!

    I was building a huge IPE (hardwood mahogeny) deck on the back of the Soap Lady's house.
    I asked her if she had anything that would get the wood stain out of my hands. She said she
    didn't, but, she would work on it.

    Three days later she came back with Man Soap, glycerine soap with pumice!!!My hands got clean
    for the first time in months and all the woodworker, outdoor roughness started to clear up.
    Now, my wife wants to use it and my bars of Man Soap keep disappearing. She says it exfoliates, whatever that is!!!
    I am putting a waring on the soap (Warning - Not for Women!!!). This should keep her off it.

    I am buying up as much as the Soap Lady can make and sharing with my friends. If you get woodworker hands,
    UPS/USPS box handling hands or have to work with stuff that stains your hands, Checkitout!!! The Soap Lady really appreciates it.
    Checkherout @

    Free samples to anyone who wants. Annnnd, you can buy it and it ships for free with any Duffs Flix order!!!

    Duff loves you!!!Never Grow up...Never grow Old!!!